Step 1. Consultation

Couture means “created by artisans.” At the beginning of this special experience, Jin Wang will consult with you about the step-by-step creation of your unique gown. She’ll thoughtfully recommend which silhouettes work well with your proportions and the bride’s personal touch is incorporated in the design. Color and fabrication will be discussed as well as desired embellishments.

Step 2. Illustration

After each design element is discussed with Jin Wang, she will create a sketch so that you may visualize your beautiful gown. At this stage, the designer describes how fabric, form and flow come together in your unique wedding dress. With design in hand, a quote may then be provided within 1-3 business days.

Step 3. Creation

A model of the gown will be created for you, in muslin, a light cotton fabric. You will be fitted to this garment and adjustments to the pattern will be made to your measurements.
As part of the authentic couture process, in this fitting, you will try on the first layer of your gown which has been entirely hand stitched. This step allows the gown to be fitted precisely to your body.
At this stage, the gown is 75% complete. This fitting is essential as it is the last adjustment before the gown is finished.
After a period of detailed workmanship, your gown is finished. The result is the gown of your dreams. You’ll try on the gown a final time, then a rehearsal for the ‘day of’ including the brides preparations and bustle lessons are given.

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